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Welcome to Continuum HomeCare Solutions

For almost 20 years Continuum has been one of the nation’s leading home health agencys, comprised of highly skilled medical professionals working in conjunction with your own physician offering an alternative to hospital or long term nursing facility care. We help our patients recover more quickly, live more independently and learn to manage both short and long term medical challenges in the comfort of their own home. Most importantly, we deliver care with compassion and understanding leading to great outcomes with a minimum of disruption to your life and the life of your family.

Continuum accomplishes these goals through two distinct levels of home health care: Long-term private duty nursing for patients who require the ongoing oversight of skilled medical professionals to maintain viability outside of a medical institution; and intermittent skilled nursing visits for patients who are recovering from surgery, injury or other medical events requiring periodic medical services in the home. Continuum HomeCare Solutions is the Intermittent Visit Division of Continuum.

So, how do you select the right home health agency for you or your loved one? Learning as much as you can about an organization is the best way to determine which agency best fits your needs. Following are some questions you should ask prospective home health providers about the services they offer:

• How long has the agency been serving the community?
• Does the agency specialize in the type of care you or your loved one requires?
• Is the agency certified by Medicaid/Medical Assistance?
• Is the agency licensed by the state?
• Does the agency have background checks for all employees?
• Does the agency assign supervisors with the appropriate specialty experience to oversee the quality of care patients are receiving in their homes?
• Are the agency caregivers available 24 hours a day, seven days a week?
• Is the agency Joint Commission Accredited – the highest standard of accreditation achievable by a home health agency?

Continuum can confidently answer all of those questions. And, in addition to our clinical expertise, our knowledgeable benefits management staff can help you navigate the often confusing payment options associated with home health services. Of course we work with most of your region’s major insurances; but we also understand how you can get the most out of any benefits available to you, including Medicaid/Medical Assistance (qualification for many waiver benefits are not income-related) and other government sponsored programs.

To get a quick and confidential answer to any questions you may have, or to initiate services today, please contact your local Continuum office.

Freedom of Choice

According to Federal law, home health care patients are free to choose which institution, agency or person will provide their home care services. Section 1802 of the Social Security Act "seeks to ensure that free choice is guaranteed to all Medicare Patients." The law states: "Any individual entitled to insurance benefits under this title [i.e., Medicare] may obtain health services from any institution, agency, or person qualified to participate under this title if such institution, agency, or person undertakes to provide him such services." This statement gives patients freedom to choose whom they want as their provider of post-hospital services. So if your doctor recommends home health care for you or a loved one, ask for Continuum!

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